Skills & Resources

Infrastructure, particularly in tunnels, faces challenges such as limited personnel, time, and resources. Expertise in tunnels often relies on experience rather than formal education, and there’s a lack of global standards for tunnel management. With many experts approaching retirement, there’s a pressing need to transfer their knowledge. Digitalization is viewed as a potential solution, but its integration into infrastructure management is intricate. Although there’s interest in digital tools like ‘digital tunnel twins,’ the question remains: Are we prepared for this shift?


Tunnels of the grid: an important step in energy transition

The Austrian road operator ASFINAG has made a road in Vienna, including the tunnels within and the traffic control centre, self-sufficient by generating its energy. This energy is used for the normal daily consumption of the route, and the surplus is stored in batteries. To transport the energy there, ASFINAG has installed its medium-voltage cable. This allows energy to be generated, stored where space is available, and used where needed. An energy management system from the German company DHYBRID Power Systems GmbH controls the energy flows and ensures monitoring. In a power outage around Vienna, the most critical systems on this layout can continue to operate for about ten hours. Learn more about the status, the methodology, the future of this project, and possibilities for your tunnel project.