Renovation, management & maintenance

Cities will suffer massive strokes if we cannot use underground space more effectively and without hindering existing networks, such as metro-systems, and city life at street level. Building and renovating must be done whilst ‘the shop is open for business. We see that each country uses valuable time and money to develop their own strategies and options. Some ‘tweaking’ at a national level is always useful, but we could all benefit from more by sharing data, models, experiences, and options.


Fitbit for Tunnels: getting a grip for asset owners

Due to settlements, loads, and material changes, damage occurs in tunnel constructions. How this degradation progresses cannot yet be accurately predicted. The Technical University of Delft conceived the Fitbit for tunnels: a way to monitor the condition of tunnel structures. Start by identifying and selecting the critical locations and deteriorations in a tunnel. Next, develop, select, test, and implement sensors capable of detecting changes in material properties. Collect the data generated by these sensors and interpret it using Artificial Intelligence. This session will delve into the Fitbit for tunnels.